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Fit To Go is a local mobile fitness company serving the Richmond and Tri-Cities areas for decades.

Martin is a AFAA Certified Personal Trainer & ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, MAHA VIRA Yoga Instructor, as well as ACE Sports Nutrition Specialist and CDC Prediabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach.

Martin established Fit To Go after serving as Wellness Director for the flagship Greater Richmond Downtown YMCA. He saw the need to bring fitness and wellness programming to those who, for various reasons, did not want gym memberships.

With years of experience working as a community health outreach worker with nonprofits like the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, and the Fan Free Clinic, he has spearheaded several programs over the years. The most recent community program he is responsible for is the Sports Backers Fitness Warriors program. As seen in Men’s Health Magazine, Martin is the Co-Creator and Head Coach of the Fitness Warriors, training over 150 group exercise instructors to lead fitness classes in the community.

One of Fit To Go’s contracts is with the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority. Martin has been training the staff and clients in the various treatment facilities of RBHA for more than two decades. He brings the concepts of body-mind-spirit connection to his classes, which is a boon to many in recovery circles.

Now retired from Fitness Warriors, Martin still works through his nonprofit Fit2Give, which targets individuals with a need for personal training.

As a Husband, father, and grandfather, Martin understands family and community as a daily movement of love and nurturing. His self-care practices include enjoying time at home, playing guitar, and reading about ancient history.

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